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Because I can't login the previous post with password, so I ask it in public again sorryㅠㅠ
Hello, this is PIHK, fansite of Irene in HK.
I would like to ask whether there is a special gift after the prepayment period, due to we need time to form a group order.
And I would like to know that how can I pay the money (via Paypal or others)
About the EMS fee, I would like to ask that whether we need to pay it after the payment period.
Finally, I would like to ask when will the doll be deliver.
Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
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    R&B 2015.05.25 20:53
    1. It's the special gift literally. So we will send a special gift when we get money for a group order for the prepayment period. Please understand it kindly.

    2. After checking up a final qty from HK, Please contact us until June 6. We will advise you Paypal or others to deposit money again. And it's better to pay EMS together.

    3. To make and deliver dolls, it spends at least 1 ~ 2 months. We will make the notice again for the date shipping dolls after we finish to make them.

    Thank you :p !